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Cyber Threat Intelligence: Phishing x Bank Kit

New threat actor Vssrtje markets phishing kit threatening European and French banks A new threat actor, the Vssrtje group, is offering fraudsters sophisticated phishing kits targeting EU banking customers. These kits intercept sensitive information, such as

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A 360-degree approach to corporate security?

At an event held in Lyon on January 16, specialists in business intelligence and cybersecurity reminded us that a company needs to diversify its portfolio of security solutions. Lock the door and turn on the camera. Is that enough to protect a company? Anyone who thinks so is naive. Threats are

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Strategic partnership between Semkel and Searchlight Cyber

A strategic partnership agreement has been signed in France between Semkel, the preventive cybersecurity expert, and Searchlight Cyber, the UK-based provider of innovative online threat detection technologies. Semkel is a business intelligence firm specializing in the protection of economic and strategic interests, thanks to the convergence of two key strengths

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