Semkel is a Risk and Threat Intelligence consulting and services company dedicated to protecting the economic and digital interests of its customers through investigation and surveillance services. 

Its expertise covers two strategic areas: Corporate Risk and Threat Intelligence and Cyber Risk and Threat Intelligence.  

Semkel's approach is based on open-source intelligence methodologies (OSINT/SOCMINT), as well as on the Deep and Dark Web. The combination of our ecosystem of technological innovations and the experience of our experts guarantees personalized support.

Semkel offers solutions that cover the needs ofinvestigating and monitoring risks and threats in real time, in order to inform decisions and control the attack surface of its customers, whether for financial and capital-intensive operations, the protection of sensitive interests (executives, assets...), the identification of fraud schemes, the prevention of critical data leaks or the neutralization of cyber threats. 

our assets


We carry out our missions in compliance with the rules and laws. Thus, all the information transmitted by our teams can be used.


A cumulative experience of several decades in the civilian and military sector of economic intelligence and cybersecurity.


Commitment to secrecy. Validation of non-conflict of interest before the start of any assignment.


An audit methodology, supported by information and risk detection, as well as research tools on the deep web and dark web, placing significant emphasis on analysis.

The board

Julien Lopizzo


Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier

Director (ethics)

Laurent Laporte

Board member

Olivier Bernasson

Board member

Philippe Fraysse

Board member

The team

Our hybrid teams from the civilian and military sectors combine cutting-edge technologies with business intelligence expertise tailored to your needs.

Laurent Sarralangue

Director of Operations

Hélène Lensel

Financial and Administrative Director

Cyril Blondel

Marketing & communications manager

Nicolas Bressand

Business Development Director

Thierry Bettini

Managing Director

Nicolas Kouboulis

Pre-sales consultant

Antoine Burande

CTI Analyst

Léa Gahrout

Strategic Intelligence Analyst

Léo Le Guen

Cybersecurity Analyst

Charlotte Morin

Administrative assistant