Ethics charter

As a company committed to cybersecurity and intelligence, confidentiality and the integrity of sensitive information, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in our activities related to cybersecurity, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), RIFI (Research on Internet Information Leaks), HUMINT (Human Intelligence), CYBINT (Cyber Intelligence), intelligence research, due diligence, information related to investigations, as well as prospecting and commercial activity. As a company committed to an ethical approach, we also make CSR commitments in the day-to-day running of the business, in the management of our staff and in our relations with our stakeholders.


I. Business ethics Mission confidentiality 

1.1 Confidentiality of assignments

▪ We will treat all sensitive information, including that related to cybersecurity, OSINT, RIFI, CYBINT, HUMINT, business intelligence, due diligence and investigations, with the utmost confidentiality. 

▪ We will not share, disclose or distribute confidential information to unauthorized parties. 

▪ We undertake to keep confidential our participation in assignments on behalf of customers 

▪ We implement strict access policies for data and results from intelligence and cybersecurity missions, so that only authorized people can access them.

1.2 Integrity, accuracy and transparency

▪ We will ensure that all information collected and used is accurate, reliable and based on credible sources. 

▪ We will not deliberately manipulate or distort information to mislead. 

▪ We undertake to accept only assignments for which we have the necessary resources and expertise to carry them out.

1.3 Conflicts of interest 

▪ We will identify to our line manager and manage potential conflicts of interest to avoid undue influence on our activities within Semkel. 

▪ We will act with integrity and transparency when managing professional relationships that could lead to conflicts of interest. 

▪ We are prohibited, without prior declaration for any partner or employee of Semkel, from maintaining professional or extraprofessional relationships with customers or partners of Semkel, parallel to the normal business relationship.

1.4 Responsible use of information

▪ We will only use the information collected within the legal and ethical framework, respecting the rights and privacy of the individuals and entities concerned. 

▪ We will not use information for illegal, harmful or prejudicial purposes.

1.5 Political neutrality 

▪ We are committed to maintaining strict political neutrality, which means that we refrain from supporting, funding or actively participating in political parties, election campaigns or political causes. 

▪ Our employees and directors are free to hold their own personal political beliefs and are encouraged to exercise their civic rights on an individual basis. Our policy of political neutrality has no impact on our employees' political rights and freedoms outside their work with the company. 

▪ We work with customers, business partners and organizations of various political orientations. Our commitment to political neutrality means that we treat all parties fairly and impartially, regardless of their political affiliation. 

▪ We undertake not to interfere in the political affairs of our customers or partners. We respect their political independence and do not issue positions on political issues that concern them. 

▪ Our primary mission is to provide high-quality services to our customers while upholding our core values of ethics, integrity and professionalism. We focus all our efforts on achieving this mission, uninfluenced by political considerations. 

II. Respect for Laws, Regulations and the National Interest

2.1 Business intelligence and cybersecurity 


▪ We will comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations, including those relating to cybersecurity, data protection and intelligence. 

▪ We reserve the right to refuse any assignment that does not comply with ethics and the law.

2.2 Personal data protection 

▪ We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data. 

▪ We will only collect, process and store personal data necessary for our specific activities. 

▪ We put in place all the guarantees in terms of security and cybersecurity to ensure the inviolability and integrity of the personal and professional data of our customers, missions and collaborators. 

▪ We undertake to securely and irreversibly destroy data when it is no longer required. This may include electronic deletion, physical shredding or other approved methods.

2.3 National interest 

▪ We will refuse any missions that could undermine the fundamental interests of the Nation and we will prevail in all circumstances in defending the higher interests of the Nation. 

▪ In the event of a request for access to information by a foreign authority, we will comply with the provisions of the "Blocking Law", law no. 68-678 of July 26, 1968 

III. Respect for human rights 


▪ We are fully committed to respecting all international conventions, treaties and standards relating to human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and relevant United Nations conventions. We also strictly comply with national and international laws and regulations concerning human rights in the countries where we operate. 

▪ We categorically condemn any involvement or complicity with companies or states that are implicated in gross human rights violations. We do not enter into partnerships, business transactions or collaborations with entities with a reputation for such violations, and we strive to conduct due diligence in all our dealings. 

▪ We carry out regular assessments of the human rights situation in our business relationships and supply chains. This due diligence procedure includes the identification of potential risks associated with human rights and the implementation of measures to mitigate them. 

▪ We actively encourage our business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to adopt human rights policies and practices in line with international standards. We firmly believe that collaboration and engagement with our partners are essential to promote respect for human rights worldwide. 

IV. Fighting corruption 


▪ We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption, banning all bribes, kickbacks, illicit payments, favoritism or corrupt acts, whether within our company or in our interactions with third parties. 

▪ We are in strict compliance with local and international anti-corruption laws and regulations, including the United Nations Convention against Corruption. We expect the same respect for these laws and regulations from our employees, business partners and suppliers. 

▪ We are committed to maintaining transparent and ethical accounting practices. All financial transactions are scrupulously documented and recorded in accordance with international accounting standards and local laws, with no concealment or falsification tolerated. 

▪ Before establishing business relationships with partners, suppliers or other third parties, we carry out rigorous due diligence. This assessment encompasses consideration of potential corruption-related risks and ensures that our partners share our ethical values. 

▪ We encourage our employees to report any suspicion of corruption in confidence, without fear of reprisal. We provide legal protection for whistleblowers in accordance with the law, and thoroughly investigate all allegations of corruption. 

V. Commitments to our employees 


▪ We will provide ongoing training for our employees on information security best practices and ethical principles. 

▪ We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all our employees or applicants by practicing no discrimination and promoting the inclusion of all. 

▪ We are committed to providing appropriate support to disabled employees to enable them to contribute fully to our success. This may include reasonable workplace adjustments, access to accessibility resources and open dialogue about their needs. 

▪ We will implement a work organization that provides the best possible work-life balance 

▪ We are committed to respecting labor laws and regulations in force for the safety and well-being at work of our employees. 

VI. Commitments to our stakeholders and ecosystem 


▪ We are committed to fair and transparent treatment of suppliers guided by the principles of respect and integrity. 

▪ We are committed to agreed Payment Terms, which are essential for the financial stability of business partners. 

▪ We are committed to always seeking fair solutions together even in the event of disputes. 

▪ We adhere to the principle of healthy competition. We are committed to avoiding harming or damaging the reputation of our competitors, while striving to promote and maintain a positive image of our professional sector. 

▪ We encourage long-term partnerships with our suppliers, based on criteria such as quality, reliability and mutual trust. We are convinced that strong relationships with our suppliers are beneficial for mutual success. 

VII. Environmental and social commitments 


▪ We are committed to encouraging environmentally friendly practices and reducing our environmental footprint through our choice of suppliers and the improvement of our methods and processes. 

▪ We prioritize the purchase of equipment, durable goods and services from adapted companies, which employ people with disabilities or are committed to social responsibility programs in favor of inclusion. We believe that these 

partnerships help reinforce our commitment to inclusion and create a positive impact in our communities. 

VIII. Liability and sanctions 


▪ All employees and directors undertake to respect this ethical charter and to report any suspected violations. 

▪ Violations of this Ethics Charter will be dealt with in accordance with the company's internal policies, which may result in disciplinary action. 

IX. Ethics referent 


▪ The ethics referent's mission is to monitor compliance with our ethics charter, applicable laws and ethical regulations. 

▪ It provides advice and guidance on ethical issues to management and employees. 

▪ It listens, offering a confidential channel for reporting ethical breaches, and can where necessary conduct objective investigations to determine the nature of the facts complained of and thus recommend appropriate corrective action. 

▪ He reports to the Board of Directors on ethical practices within the company. 

By adhering to this code of ethics, we reinforce our commitment to the protection of information, the security of our activities and the trust of our customers and partners. We also acknowledge our place in today's and tomorrow's society by integrating virtuous practices that respect social rights and the environment. Every member of our company plays an essential role in ensuring that we live up to our commitments.