Business Intelligence

We accompany you during your strategic operations: recruitment of a key employee, an investment, an acquisition.

Semkel's support is based on the experience of professionals from the public and private sectors, with recognized expertise in all areas of economic intelligence and security, as well as in intelligence techniques.
According to the needs and for each project, we mobilize the necessary expertise through our team of consultants specialized in HUMINT (Human Intelligence), SOCINT (Social Media Intelligence) and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

Due diligence of good character and reputation

In the case of a merger, be it an investment, an acquisition or a strategic partnership, it is necessary to understand who the other party is. We analyze for you the reputability of your future partner in order to limit the risks:

  • Verification of the reputation in the sector
  • Listing of legal history
  • Establishment of the financial and legal profile (organization chart)
  • Mapping the sphere of influence


If necessary, the file constituted can allow you to put an end to a future bad operation or to negotiate additional guarantees.

Background check

Before recruiting a future key employee, some checks are necessary.

Semkel will draw up a profile of your future employee:

  • Mapping its sphere of influence
  • Study of its various financial interests
  • Conflict of interest analysis


We can also, with the candidate's consent, establish a list of his or her work history with former employers.

This will help you avoid any pitfalls in your recruitment process.

Cybersecurity due diligence

Cyber due diligence allows the various parties involved in a transaction to secure the transaction by evaluating the companies with regard to the new threats to which digital spaces, information systems and data are exposed.
Generally taking place before an acquisition or an equity investment, a cyber due diligence allows to :

  • Confirming a strategy for growth or disposal of a company
  • Translate a cyber problem into financial issues for the company
  • Valuing cyber risk to defend the interests of sellers and buyers
  • Dealing with cyber risks and making more informed decisions

Executive profiling

We can also establish a more complete profile of the leader to better understand him/her


  • Mapping its sphere of influence
  • Study of its various financial interests
  • Conflict of interest analysis
  • Listing of legal history related to the activity. 


We can also set up an interview with the leader to establish a more advanced profile and corroborate the elements discovered during our work.

A strategic operation to be validated?

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