Strategic partnership between Semkel and Searchlight Cyber

A strategic partnership agreement has been signed in France between Semkel, the preventive cybersecurity expert, and Searchlight Cyber, a UK-based provider of innovative online threat detection technologies.

Semkel is a business intelligence firm specializing in the protection of economic and strategic interests through the convergence of two areas of expertise: business intelligence and cybersecurity via cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Semkel helps French and international companies make strategic decisions and protect their information and digital assets. We bring together the best technologies for information, from SOCINT and OSINT intelligence solutions to threat analysis and detection.

Searchlight Cyber is an Anglo-Saxon company offering solutions initially dedicated to British forensic intelligence services. Today, its technology is used by governments, law enforcement agencies and corporations to investigate and monitor the dark web.

This strategic alliance will strengthen Semkel's preventive cybersecurity service capabilities for its customers in France and abroad. Two Searchlight Cyber tools will complement Semkel's ecosystem of threat investigation technologies:

  • Dark IQ, which enables real-time or ad hoc monitoring, surveillance and detection on the darkweb to monitor the digital footprint of companies.
  • Cerberus, for investigating and dismantling cyber-criminal services, and for online curation.

This partnership also enables Searchlight Cyber to deploy its online detection and investigation solutions in France.

"We are delighted with this strategic agreement with Searchlight Cyber, which will enable us to strengthen our service and consultancy capabilities for our customers, thanks to cutting-edge dark web solutions that complement our existing ecosystem. The challenges of preventive cybersecurity for businesses will become ever more important in the coming years, and this will complement the growth of the more conventional protection market: soc, edr, etc. It is therefore essential to offer our customers a complete range of preventive cybersecurity solutions. It is therefore essential to offer online monitoring tools and the highest quality consulting services in the sector," says Julien Lopizzo, CEO and founder of Semkel.

"As a leader in preventive cybersecurity, Semkel's position makes it the ideal partner to market our dark web intelligence solutions in France. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of intelligence on their competitors, in addition to their traditional cybersecurity tools, in order to be able to anticipate a possible attack on their network. Our products will therefore help Semkel's customers to detect cyber-attacks earlier by giving them better visibility of the dark web, where cyber-criminals choose their targets, scout and plan their attacks," explains Ben Jones, co-founder and CEO of Searchlight Cyber.

Preventive safety, a fundamental challenge for companies

Conventional online threat detection takes an average of 8 weeks to 3 months without high-performance tools. Yet nearly 3 out of 4 organizations (74%) still use industrial cybersecurity software.[1] (ICS) software that is 6 to 10 years old and ineffective for dealing with cyber-attacks in real time.

While the challenge of educating and raising public awareness of these risks is a fundamental requirement for companies, they also need to surround themselves with threat detection experts and invest in the latest software to avoid exposing themselves to increasingly costly risks such as data leakage or ransomware, a practice that has been steadily increasing in recent years.

In addition to paralyzing a company for an indefinite period, these attacks can cause lasting damage to an organization's image and reputation. These data leaks are all the more difficult to control as the deep web (pages invisible to search engines) and the dark web (accessible only through specific networks and browsers) are often omitted from traditional online monitoring, even though these areas are a prime site for modern economic espionage.


About Semkel

As a consultant for the protection of economic and strategic interests, Semkel supports its customers in strengthening their decision-making processes, and in cyber-protection of their information and digital assets. Blending the civilian and military experience of its employees, Semkel is committed to being close to its customers' concerns by providing a local consulting service: human expertise above all. Founded in 2021, Semkel's first clients include strategic manufacturers and leading investment funds.

About Searchlight

Searchlight Cyber provides organizations with relevant, actionable dark web intelligence to help them protect themselves from online threats. Founded in 2017 with the mission of stopping cybercriminals operating on the dark web, Searchlight has been involved in some of the world's largest dark web investigations and has the most comprehensive database thanks to its groundbreaking technologies and research. Today, their dark web investigation and surveillance tools are used worldwide by governments, law enforcement agencies and corporations in their fight against cybercrime.

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