The Risk & Threat Intelligence

Solutions to protect your economic and digital interests through investigation and surveillance services. 

a unique approach

Semkel's approach is based on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT/SOCMINT) methodologies, as well as on the Deep and Dark Web. The combination of our ecosystem of technological innovations and the experience of our experts guarantees personalized support.

Monitoring Cyber Threat Intelligence

Set up real-time monitoring, with our analysts, of your digital risks and threats, including exposure detection (internet, dark web, social).

Due Diligence

Understand the risks and benefits associated with a merger, acquisition, partnership or investment project.

External risk diagnosis

Determine your attack surface and vulnerabilities to measure the health of your business (NIS 2 compliance).

OSINT survey

Draw up a complete profile of a company, a person or a candidate (Background check).

Foresensic Dark web

Doubtful or victim of a cyber attack, we analyze the profile of the attackers as well as your exposure and the associated data leaks.

Countering social engineering

Let our experts analyze your exposure to social engineering risks and obtain remediation recommendations.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers two strategic areas.

Corporate Risk & Threat Intelligence

Open-source investigation and monitoring to inform your decisions and protect you.

Background check, profiling... Semkel helps you analyze and anticipate human risk.

We support funds in their investment due diligence: management profile, company and cyber due diligence.

We map your social networking risks and threats. Social engineering risk analysis, fraudster identification...

In the event of a dispute, being well-informed about the opposing party can give you a distinct advantage. Semkel draws up a complete profile of your opponent to facilitate your legal strategy.

Looking for a partnership or a key supplier? Semkel provides you with a complete third-party profile so that you can make the most informed decision.

Would you like to know whether your information and intellectual assets are protected? Semkel can help you analyze the threats to your assets (IP, trademarks, patents, etc.).

Victim of fraud? Want to identify the fraudster? Semkel can help.

If you've been the victim of identity theft, Semkel can identify the levers that have been used and help you identify the fraud.

Cyber Risk & Threat Intelligence

Investigate and monitor your attack surface and cyber threats.

Is your organization making headlines on the Dark Web? What are the threats directly targeting your digital integrity? Semkel maps these threats.

Our monitoring solutions enable you to analyze the risk of your data leaks in real time, and detect any information or documents that have already been leaked.

Protection against usurpation of your brand and domain names. 7/7 - 24/24 surveillance, investigation to demonstrate the fraud scheme....

We constantly monitor for you the presence of identifiers that could compromise your cybersecurity.

Our attack surface management solution detects your cybersecurity blind spots.

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